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Central Okanagan Real Estate Prices

Posted on Feb 08, 2023

For the first time since June 2021, the average residential selling price in the Central Okanagan dipped below $1 million dollars as the market correction continues towards a soft landing. This also marks the second time in three months that the Benchmark Price was below a million dollars at $976,800.

Currently, buyers can expect a nearly 7% discoun...

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What is going to happen with the Real Estate Market in 2023?

Posted on Jan 10, 2023

What is going to happen with the Real Estate Market in 2023? 

Click the video, or read below, for my three predictions for 2023.

Prediction #1 
The market is either going to go down, go up, or stay the same. 
I don’t know what prices are going to do. No one really knows.
No one has a crystal ball and the market can change rather quickly as we saw in the...

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Okanagan Real Estate Market Update - December 2022

Posted on Dec 06, 2022

Is this what a typical, balancing market looks like?

The average year to date sale price continues to decline however we have to keep in mind that this average includes all the sales from the spring which was the peak of the market in both sales volume and prices.

November 2022's average sale price of $1,073,250 is about the same as July and over the...

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Is the Real Estate Market Balancing? | November 2022 Market Update

Posted on Nov 14, 2022

For the second straight month home prices did not go down. In fact the average home price was up by about a thousand dollars. Are we seeing a balanced real estate market now?

Home prices are actually flat from what they were the month before. That marks two months in a row where prices didn't go down or up they just stayed kind of relatively balance...

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Real Estate? 

Posted on Nov 14, 2022

Is now a good time to buy Real Estate?

My answer to this question may surprise you.

For most people, now probably isn’t the best time to buy or sell property. The uncertainty in the interest rate climate, along with rising inflation and the rising cost of living have put pressure on most of us and making a large financial decision is definitely at th...

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Should You Hire a Realtor® to Help you Buy?

Posted on Oct 17, 2022

Are you looking to buy a house and you're not sure if you should use a Realtor®? 

You should, it's essentially free. 

The seller pays your Realtor® from the transaction so you don't have to.

Where else can you get a licensed professional to help you and not have to pay them? 

In this video, I explain some of the benefits of working with a buyers agent, w...

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