July 2022

RBC Predicting "Historic Correction" - Is that the whole story though?

Posted on Jul 25, 2022

Be careful only reading the headlines to these news stories. They are designed to scare people and create hysteria.

For example, the attached article looks terrible. However, if you read the article itself and dig a little deeper into the numbers, the headline doesn't tell the whole story.

RBC is predicting this "huge correction" this year with a d...

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What is a Balanced Real Estate Market?

Posted on Jul 21, 2022

What is a balanced real estate market? And why does it matter?Here’s some of what you need to know More questions about balanced market? Are we in one?Send me an email and I’ll be happy to help 

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Bank of Canada Increases Policy Interest Rate

Posted on Jul 21, 2022

The Bank of Canada today announced a full 1% rate increase to their target rate. It was anticipated to increase by 0.75%. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom; if your mortgage rate is fixed, your payments stay the same. 

And, if you are on a variable rate, yes your payments will increase but chances are your rate is still lower than the current fixed ra...

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July 2022 Central Okanagan Real Estate Market Update

Posted on Jul 09, 2022

Here is what happened in the local Central Okanagan Real Estate Residential Market in the month of June. 

The year to date average price came down slightly to $1,207,296 but was relatively flat from May's number of $1,213,717. Remember, this is the year to date number and reflects the market peak prices of February/March 2022. The average residential...

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